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We built standard facilities and we created the ideal conditions for you to enjoy on a daily basis high standards facilities that take care of your physical and mental well-being as well as services that cover flexibly and personalized your personal care needs.

At Chrysantheion we encourage active living in the third age and we incite you to enjoy it in the comfort and independency of your private personal space. Enjoy your daily life free of worries with the certainty that we are by your side whenever you need us.


Aiming to the best living conditions in every period of your life, we have designed a completed benefits plan, able to cover your care needs whenever you consider you need them. With absolute flexibility, sensitivity and discretion, our services are easily adapted to your individual needs, thus ensuring the high level of living you deserve. The scientific staff and the experienced care assistants of Chrysantheion are always available to serve you.

Quality of life

We improve the quality of your life and enrich your routine with amenities and facilities that respond to your needs for socializing, wellness, entertainment, relaxation and prayer. Enjoy your personal time in the specially designed recreation areas or spend beautiful moments with your friends and family.

Restaurant, bar and bistro

The all day bistro bar welcomes you with plates of classic cuisine, coffee and small meals while in the à la carte restaurant you will find special gastronomic suggestions. The prices are specially configured for the residents of Chrysantheion.

Library and recreation area

Discover the rich collection of books in the updated library of the main building and find your ideal reading spot in the open and bright recreation area.

Wellness center

There are a fully equipped gym, swimming pool, spa - massage and hair salon. The staff of the Wellness Center consists of physiotherapists as well as freelancers who offer their services on a non-profit basis.

Treatment room

Spacious and modern treatment room to receive the care you need with comfort and discretion.


The heated pool is available exclusively to our members and is intended for sports and therapeutic programs.


Immediate and easy access to the two built prayer areas within the premises. Rituals- Liturgies are performed periodically by local priests.


The amphitheater on the outdoor space of Chrysantheion is a welcoming meeting point where events, speeches and theatrical performances take place.


The cinema space is designed to offer you pleasant moments of entertainment showing favorite movies and award-winning documentaries.

Organic farming

We create outdoor areas for organic farming and "green" greenhouse facilities. All the products we produce in our organic vegetable garden supply the kitchen of Chrysantheion and end up fresh on your plate.


Doctors and Nurses

Chrysantheion is staffed by a Neurologist, Pathologist, Cardiologist and qualified nurses.


Chrysantheion’s psychologist provides individual counseling, coordinates group discussions and conducts mental empowerment programs.


In the specially designed areas of Chrysantheion we carry out rehabilitation and strengthening treatments under the supervision of a specialized physiotherapist.


The nutritionist of Chrysantheion designs individual nutrition programs, adapted to special restrictions and needs, contributing to the formation and maintenance of a healthy and balanced diet.


Our experienced staff is at your disposal 24 hours a day, to serve your needs and offer you the help you need.