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The care
you deserve

Welcome to Chrysantheion, the prototype hospitality and care center for seniors. Here we redefine and upgrade the meanings of accommodation and care. We are greeting you to your new home.

The vision

Focusing on the human and based on Faith, Hope and Love, we have composed a contemporary and safe environment which is accessible to everyone. It respects the independency and individuality, encouraging socialization while being the start point to a new beginning.

Our vision is to create a modern model of living that will provide to the third age individuals high level requirements for accommodation and care as well as quality of life. Contrary to the notion "care home" it consists a hearth of life which places the standards for an active and happy third age.


In a green private area of nearly 25 acres at Petroussa Drama of Greece, Chrysantheion started to be constructed in 2019. The project is the result of a multi-year investigation and design with the aim to create a perfect structure which will consist construction’s and functionality’s exemplar.

Chrysantheion includes in its facilities 40 single apartments and 15 independent dwellings. The central building consists of the common areas where are dining rooms and entertainment venues, center of care and wellness as well as the administration offices.

All the units of residence and the facilities respond to the modern energy standards while are constructed under strict criteria in a full harmony with the environment. There is prediction for further development and utilization of the surrounding area so we intend to create a big green park. Our ambition is Chrysantheion to be a vital knot of sustainability and reference point for the region.